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Knowledge is power on the water.

Get trained to drive a boat or re-fresh yourself with some new skills. 

Stem To Stern has helped private owners with basic and advanced skills of boating on how to drive a yacht ranging in size from 20’ to 75’. Training has taken place in all areas throughout the Bay Area from Redwood City, San Francisco and Alameda up to Antioch and the Delta.

Stem To Stern has a complete training and instruction syllabus covering every aspect of boating in the Bay Area and beyond.

Each class is personally arranged with the student in mind. Our classes are designed to fit your educational needs. Our Instructor/Captains will be giving personalized instructions in safe boat handling and operation.

New to boating? This class will cover boating 101. We will give you tools and enable you to build a firm foundation in boat safety. We cover what you will do when we first get to the boat to tying it up and “putting her to bed”. Click here to learn more.

Safety is the most important thing when being around a boat. This knowledge is vital to your safety and enjoyment.

Basic Boat Instruction
Lessons and topics are broken down into 2 categories, Dockside and Underway.

Here are a few topics we cover.

Basics (dockside):
  • Knots and lines
  • Trailers and towing
  • Pre and post checks Personal gear
  • Safety gear and usage
  • Keeping a log
  • USCG inspection
  • Fueling/pumping out
  • Float plan
  • Charts/navigation
  • Navigational aids
  • Local weather
  • Rules of the Road
  • Tides current and wind
Basics (underway):
  • Leaving the dock
  • Throttle control
  • Stopping distance
  • Backing down
  • Touch and go docking
  • Fender placement
  • Entering the slip
  • Tight quarters
  • Spring/breast lines
  • Basic navigation
  • Rules of the Road
  • Anchoring
Emergency Drills:
  • Man over board
  • Fire on board
  • Flooding
  • Collision
  • Going aground
  • Mayday
  • SOS signals
  • Towing/being towed
  • Engine troubles
  • Loss of power
  • Mechanical solutions
  • Shaft and propeller problems

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Advanced Boat Training:
After completing the basics and how to be safe, you are ready for the next stage. You may know how to find your position on a chart. Now you will learn how to plot your course, read wind and currents, and give a proper ETA to your destination.

These advanced clinics are designed to create an “experienced boater”. In this training we will create the mindset of a “prudent mariner” and build the relationship between you and your boat that makes boating the enjoyable adventure it should be.
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