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At Stem To Stern we strive to make your experience better by us focusing on your boat, so you don’t have to.

Since 2000, Stem to Stern has been offering boat maintenance services to the San Francisco bay area. Whether it is your 1st boat or just the next of many, Stem To Stern can help make every boating trip the most enjoyable for you and your guests.

They are independent consultants that provide impartial advice and assistance to both Captains and owners alike. They specialize in construction, refit / repair projects; marina / shipyard periods; technical solutions; plus safety management for the yachting industry.

Following his own experience as a Yacht Captain, John knows exactly what the business is all about and offers a wide range of services that include boat maintenance, yacht guardienage, customs clearance, parts sourcing, courier service, provisioning, and crew placement. See John’s Bio.

From instructional training, to regular maintenance and repair, we offer a wide variety of services that can be a la carté or packaged. To create a custom package, click here.

A la Carte Services
• Deliveries via Licensed Captain
• Charters via Licensed Captain
• Training for Individuals and Families
• Sea Trials
• Ceremonies
• U.S.C.G. Safety Check-Up
• Pre and Post Vessel Readiness
• Boatyard Setup and Delivery
• Mechanical Service and Repair
• Monthly 30 Point Checklist
• Annual / 100 Hour Mechanical Service
• Scheduled Wash Down
• Pre and Post Clean-Up
• Interior Cleaning
• Wax and Detail Service
• Annual Detail Service
• Metal Polishing
• Holding Tank Pumpout
• Scheduled Dive Service
• Canvas Install and Repair
• Electrical Install and Repair
• Painting
• Brightwork
• Fiberglass Repair