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Scheduled Boat Cleanings are the best way to keep
your boat looking its best.

Regular boat cleaning wash downs prevent weathering of canvas, vinyl, wood, plexiglass and fiberglass. It keeps your gear in top condition and prevent oxidation, dry rot, rust and so forth. Scheduled Boat Cleaning also helps you discover damaged or worn equipment that may need repair or replacement before it becomes a hazard to you and your crew.

Be sure before any long voyage, make sure you check your boat. A boater can never be too prepared. This is the best time to catch potential dangers and risks before they become problems underway. No one wants a faulty bilge pump or leaky rudderpost.

For more info on weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly boat cleaning or wash downs contact Stem to Stern. We also do a many other services including 

full scrub downs,

 pre or post cruise
 cleaning, both inside and out, in addition to our seasonal waxing

 or bright work

teak sealing.

Contact us for more information about interior and exterior cleaning.